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Usage and Membership Agreement

ISTANBUL ARBITRATION WEEK (“ISTAW“) users who use the website at https://istaw.com/ (“Site”) are deemed to have accepted the following terms:

The web pages on our site and all associated pages at https://istaw.com/ are owned by ISTANBUL ARBITRATION WEEK (“ISTAW”). By using the services provided on the Site, users (“User”) acknowledge and agree that they are subject to the following terms. By accessing and continuing to use the services on the site, the User represents and warrants that they have the legal capacity, authority, and legal competence to enter into a contract according to the applicable laws, that they are 18 years of age or older, that they have read and understood this agreement, and that they are bound by the terms stated in this agreement. This agreement imposes rights and obligations on the parties related to the subject matter of the site, and when the parties accept this agreement, they acknowledge, declare, and undertake to fulfill the mentioned rights and obligations in a complete, accurate, and timely manner, in accordance with the terms requested in this agreement.

Rights and Obligations

  1. ISTAW reserves the right to make changes to prices, products, and services offered at any time.
  2. The User agrees that they will not engage in reverse engineering or any other actions with the purpose of finding or obtaining the source code of the website, and acknowledges that they will be held responsible for any damages arising from such actions, both to ISTAW and third parties. The User also acknowledges that legal and criminal proceedings may be initiated against them.
  3. The User agrees that in their activities within the website, in any section of the site or in communications, they will not create or share content that violates general morality and decency, laws, infringes upon the rights of third parties, is misleading, offensive, obscene, pornographic, infringes upon personal rights, infringes upon copyright, or promotes illegal activities. The User is fully responsible for any damages that may arise from such actions, and the administrators of the Site reserve the right to suspend or terminate such accounts and to initiate legal processes. Therefore, if requests for information regarding events or user accounts are received from judicial authorities, the Site reserves the right to share such information.
  4. The relationships between the members of the Site and other users or third parties are their own responsibility.

Intellectual Property Rights

  1. The trade name, business name, trademark, patent, logo, design, information, and methods, whether registered or unregistered, contained on this Site are owned by the site operator and owner, ISTAW, or the specified party, and are protected under national and international laws. Visiting this Site or using the services provided on this Site does not grant any rights regarding these intellectual property rights.
  2. The information contained on the Site may not be reproduced, published, copied, presented, and/or transmitted in any form. The entire Site or any part thereof may not be used without permission on another website.

Confidential Information

  1. ISTAW will not disclose the personal information transmitted by users through the site to third parties. This personal information includes any other information that identifies the user, such as the user’s name, address, phone number, mobile phone, email address, and will be referred to as “Confidential Information” in short.
  2. Confidential Information may only be disclosed to official authorities in accordance with the applicable mandatory legislation and if the disclosure to the official authorities is required by then proper procedures when requested.

Disclaimer of Warranty
This provision of the agreement will be valid to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law. The services provided by ISTAW are provided “as is” and “as available,” without any warranties,
express or implied, including but not limited to merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement, regarding the products, services, or applications (including all information contained therein). ISTAW does not provide any explicit or implied warranties, whether statutory or otherwise, in relation to the products, services, or applications.

Registration and Security
The User is obligated to provide accurate, complete, and up-to-date registration information. Failure to do so will be considered a violation of this Agreement, and the User’s account may be closed without prior notice.

The User is responsible for the security of their password and account on the site and third-party sites. ISTAW shall not be held liable for any data loss, security breaches, or damage to hardwareand devices resulting from the User’s negligence in maintaining password and account security.

Compelling Reason
If the performance of obligations under this Agreement becomes impossible due to events beyond the control of the Parties, such as natural disasters, fires, explosions, civil wars, wars,uprisings, public movements, mobilization, strikes, lockouts, epidemics, infrastructure and internet failures, power outages (collectively referred to as “compelling reason “), the Parties shall not be held responsible. During this period, the rights and obligations arising from this Agreement are suspended.

Integrity and Enforceability of the Agreement
If any provision of this agreement becomes partially or entirely invalid, the remaining provisions of the agreement shall remain valid and enforceable.

Changes to the Agreement
ISTAW may, at any time, partially or entirely modify the services offered on the site and the terms of this agreement. The changes will be effective from the date they are published on the site. It is the responsibility of the User to keep track of any changes. By continuing to use the services provided, the User is deemed to have accepted these changes.

All notifications related to this Agreement, to be sent to the Parties, will be made through the known email address of ISTAW and the email address provided by the User in the membership form. The User acknowledges that the address provided during registration is a valid address for notifications and agrees to inform the other Party in writing within 5 days in case of any changes. Otherwise, notifications sent to this address will be considered valid.

Evidence Agreement
In any disputes arising between the Parties regarding transactions related to this agreement, ISTAW’s books, records, documents, computer records, and fax records shall be accepted as conclusive evidence in accordance with the Law on Civil Procedure numbered 6100. The User agrees not to object to these records.

Resolution of Disputes
For any disputes arising from the implementation or interpretation of this Agreement, the Ankara Courts and Execution Offices shall have jurisdiction.


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