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Key Topics

Key Topics for Istanbul Arbitration Week 2024

“Renewable Energy Revolution: Arbitration Challenges and Opportunities”

  • The rise of renewable energy sources and their impact on traditional energy Disputes
    Arbitration of disputes related to wind and solar power projects
    The role of arbitration in resolving disputes over renewable energy contractsPerspectives from top renewable energy arbitrators and law firms

“Energy Transition and the Rise of Decentralized Energy: Arbitration Implications”

  • The impact of decentralized energy on traditional energy disputes and Arbitration
    Arbitration of disputes related to decentralized energy projects and microgrids
    LNG export/import boom
    New nuclear technologies, SMRs, etc.
    Perspectives from top renewable energy arbitrators and law firms

“Modernising the Energy Charter Treaty: Challenges and Opportunities”

  • Overview of the Energy Charter Treaty and its current relevance
    Key areas for modernisation
    Impact on international energy investments
    Contributions from international law firms involved in treaty negotiations

“Women Leaders in Arbitration: Breaking Barriers and Shaping the Future”

  • Trailblazers in Arbitration: Stories of Success and Leadership
    Diversity and Inclusion: Building a More Representative Arbitration Community
    Mentorship and Sponsorship: Supporting the Next Generation of Women Arbitrators

“Construction 4.0: The Future of Construction Arbitration”

  • The impact of technological advancements on construction projects and Arbitration
    The role of arbitration in resolving disputes related to construction technology and innovation
    The need for specialized arbitration rules and procedures for construction disputes

“Construction Disputes in the Digital Age: Arbitration Strategies”

  • The impact of digitalization on construction disputes and arbitration
    Strategies for arbitrators and counsel to navigate digital construction disputes

“Disputes in Mega Infrastructure Projects: Lessons Learned and Best Practices”

  • Common disputes in large-scale infrastructure projects
    Case studies and lessons learned
    Best practices for dispute resolution
    Expertise from global infrastructure law firms

“Trends and Predictions in Energy and Construction Arbitration for the Next 10 Years”

  • Trends and predictions for arbitration in the energy and construction sectors
    Strategies for arbitrators, counsel, and parties to prepare for the future of arbitration
    The role of technology and innovation in shaping the future of Arbitration

“Mining Arbitration: Challenges and Opportunities”

  • The Legal Framework of Arbitration Processes in the Mining Sector
    Challenges in Resolving Mining Disputes through Arbitration
    The Impact of Environmental and Social Factors on Mining Arbitration
    The Use of Expert Witnesses in Mining Arbitration

“Cross-Border Commercial Disputes: Strategies for Success”

  • Key issues in cross-border commercial disputes
    Strategies for effective resolution
    Role of arbitration in international commerce
    Expertise from global commercial law firms

“Innovations in Insurance Arbitration: Risk Management and Dispute Resolution”

  • Current trends in insurance disputes
    Role of arbitration in resolving complex insurance claims
    Innovative approaches to risk management
    Expertise from international insurance law firms

“Maritime Arbitration: Navigating International Waters”

  • Key issues in maritime disputes
    Role of maritime arbitration institutions
    Impact of international maritime laws and conventions
    Contributions from leading maritime law firms

“The Evolution of Sports Arbitration: Fair Play and Governance”

  • Role of CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) and FIFA
    Recent high-profile cases and their impact
    Governance and ethical considerations in sports arbitration
    Insights from leading sports law practitioners

“Future Trends in International Arbitration: What to Expect”

  • Emerging trends in international Arbitration
    Impact of global political and economic changes
    Future opportunities and challenges
    Insights from top international arbitrators and law firms

“Integrating ESG Principles into Arbitration: The Next Frontier”

  • Definition and importance of ESG in Arbitration
    Case studies of ESG-related Disputes
    Future trends in ESG Arbitration
    Perspectives from global law firms specializing in ESG

“Investment Arbitration in Emerging Markets: Opportunities and Risks”

  • Investment arbitration trends in emerging markets
    Key challenges and opportunities
    Case studies of recent investment arbitrations
    Insights from international investment law firms

“Ensuring Arbitrator Diversity: Addressing Bias and Enhancing Fairness”

  • Importance of diversity in arbitration panels
    Strategies for increasing diversity
    Impact of diversity on arbitration outcomes
    Perspectives from diversity-focused law firms

“AI and IT in Arbitration: Enhancing Efficiency or Compromising Fairness?”

  • Use of AI tools in arbitration processes
    Benefits and challenges of virtual hearings
    Innovations in arbitration procedures and practices
    Potential for AI adjudication in arbitration

“Finance Arbitration: Resolving Disputes in International Finance”

  • Trends and challenges in international finance disputes
    Arbitration clauses in finance agreements: Best practices
    Managing complex financial arbitrations
    Regulatory compliance and arbitration

“Young ISTAW: Shaping the Future of Arbitration”

  • Perspectives from young arbitrators
    Innovations and future trends from a young arbitrator’s viewpoint
    Career development in arbitration
    Contributions from emerging arbitration professionals


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